How To Start Zero-Turn Lawn Mower — Simple Tutorial For You

Not sure how to start your lawnmower? Not a problem! We have prepared a guide for beginners, where we described in detail all the stages of the start.
How to start a lawn mower?

If you have recently bought a zero-turn lawn mower, you may find it difficult to start correctly and safely. It may seem like a complicated and incomprehensible process, but in fact, everything is simple and it is a pleasure to mow on such a lawnmower.

If the manual that is in the box from your lawnmower left you a lot of questions, we offer you our step-by-step guide that will answer all your questions.

How to start a zero-turn lawn mower?

Step1. Check the fuel 

See if the fuel tank is full and fill up with gasoline if necessary.

How to start a zero-turn lawn mower?

Step 2. Allow fuel supply

To allow the supply of gasoline, you need to turn the switch, which is located next to the seat or fuel tank, to the right.

Allow fuel supply

Step 3. Remove the mower from the parking brake

The handbrake is located to the left of the seat. Lift the handle to a vertical position.

Remove the mower from the parking brake

Step 4. Turn on the PTO switch

This is the switch that draws engine power to operate the deck. It looks like a round handle (red or yellow) and is located next to the control panel. First, click on it.

Turn on the PTO switch

Step 6. Install the traction arms

You need to turn the traction arms on each side to neutral.

Install the traction arms

Step 7. Adjust the throttle lever

You can see values ​​like min below and max above, or images like turtle below and rabbit above. Push the throttle lever up.

Adjust the throttle lever

Step 8. Start your lawnmower

This step includes 3 stages:

✔️ First stage: Insert the ignition key and start the engine.

✔️ Second stage: Turn on the air damper, if your engine is cold.

❗️ Important
When the engine is warm, you do not need to do this!

✔️ Third stage: Lower the handbrake and pull the PTO switch up to engage the deck knives. Then slide the lever forward to start driving.

Enjoy your riding!

how to start a lawn mower


With this simple beginner’s guide on how to properly start your lawnmower, you will have fun mowing in your yard. Follow all our directions and don’t worry about things going wrong. Happy your first mow!


🤔 What is an air damper for?

The air damper is used to stop or regulate temperature differences in the engine. Simply put, it protects your engine from overheating.

❓ The start of lawn mowers is the same for all models?

In general, yes, since the principle of operation is the same. However, the location of the equipment may vary, so it is also important to read the manual specific to your model.

🚜 How to start a lawnmower?

First, you need to allow fuel supply and remove the mower from the parking brake. Then turn on the PTO switch and install the traction arms. After this, adjust the throttle lever and start your lawnmower. More detail you can read in our article.

💡 Is there a tip or trick to starting a lawnmower?

We advise you not to adjust the throttle lever immediately to the maximum. Try doing this at medium speed to get used to the lawnmower first, then gradually raise to the maximum. This will help you to be less afraid and avoid unpleasant situations.

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